Kris Young

Thai Massage found Kris while she was on a climbing trip backpacking through the Rockies for the first time in 2010. From an engineering and theatrical production background, she was immediately immersed into the world of holistic and complimentary medicine.

She has since gone on to apprentice and train with some of the most wise and skilled contemporary masters in the trade, in North America as well as Thailand. Honing her intuition, and culminating in expanding her knowledge Kris attended The Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) here in Calgary. This program is beautifully focussed on combining Western & Eastern approaches to Medicine and Philosophy, which is perfectly aligned to Kris' keen approach and fascination with the art and science of massage.

Kris feels blessed to be able to support her clients through Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, Thai Abdominal Massage (harmonization/detoxification), Gua Sha, & Cupping. She has a deep appreciation for the expansive modalities and how strategic stretching can help remodel tissue and regain wider or more balance Range of Motion without pain.

Western Massage practices include Therapeutic, Relaxation, and Lymphatic Drainage.

All of her sessions are informed by an underlying understanding of Orthpaedic Medicine, how the jaw works, as well as the Thai/Chinese Meridian Acupressure systems, Ayurvedic traditions for Chakras, and following the rhythms of Traditional Japanese Massage (Shiatsu).

She enjoys climbing, hiking, dancing, foraging, gardening, cooking, and martial arts.